Commercial Space Lighting Design for Office Buildings

Lighting design for office is essential for creating an ambiance that promotes well-being and productivity in the workplace. In fact, lighting is also very important for safety measures such as night patrolling. Ambient lighting assists in improving the mood and energy level of the employees while providing visibility by blocking outside sources of light. The interior designer’s creativity is expressed best when it comes to lighting design for business or commercial establishments such as offices and stores.

Lighting gives emphasis on task. The interior designer works under a specific theme that is related to the specific function of the workplace. He needs to be careful in choosing the right kind of lighting to establish the mood. He also has to consider the feasibility of different lighting design for office by considering several factors like the nature of the task, the number of users in the room, environmental conditions as well as other factors. For instance, in a medical setting, ceiling lighting can prove highly beneficial to provide more natural light source that will avoid the tendency for glare and provide comfort for the users.

Custom lighting concept helps the interior designer to create the perfect ambiance by combining color scheme and the source of light. The lighting fixtures are carefully chosen to complement the motif of the entire office interior. With the advancement in technology, there are many quality lighting products available in the market. The designers can easily achieve the desired results with the help of various lighting fixtures.

Creating a good lighting for office environment implies considering several factors like the task, the space available as well as the natural lighting from the outdoors. A well-lit and spacious office is one that provides appropriate ambiance to the users. It is necessary to choose the right lighting for the area such as ceiling lights, wall lights, pendant lights, fluorescent lights and other fixtures. One should also take into account the surrounding ambience. For instance, an office with tall plants and shrubs may not require too high kind of lighting fixtures. Moreover, the lighting should be right for the task at hand to ensure the well-being of the users and for better work output.

Low voltage commercial lighting is a great option for spaces that are hard to light due to geographical constraints. These commercial spaces include malls, subways and major roads. This option is not ideal for small shops because they may have narrow aisle or very limited light radius. This is where low voltage lighting comes in handy as it is capable of reaching even the most remote corners in such commercial spaces. Furthermore, low voltage lighting solutions offer the advantage of being highly portable.

The daylight or bright morning is highly beneficial for office buildings. This is because most people are used to seeing office buildings during the daylight hours. However, these offices may also need special lighting design for office buildings to create the right ambiance and for better lighting purposes. For instance, the ceiling could have more than three tiers while the floor could have more than two levels. The different types of lighting could also help to highlight the different features of the space in question. Furthermore, different colored lights can help make the space look more lively. For more details on lighting design visit